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Anritsu Webinar: Mobile Interference Hunting - A Unique Approach

Interference from both illegal and unintentional signals is a significant problem for mobile service providers, security services and government regulators. For wireless network operators, various issues such as dropped calls, blocked calls and degraded data throughput often result from interference signals. New ways are needed to find the sources of such interference that are both efficient and cost-effective for the operator or regulator. This webinar focuses on an innovative method for interference hunting that works in multiple geographic environments, including “urban canyons” where signal multipath is severe.

Who should watch:
• Interference Hunting Engineers
• Contractors
• Cellular Operators
• Regulators

What you will learn:
• Factors to consider when interference hunting in LTE uplink channels
• How to find periodic (or “radar like”) interference signals
• Advantages of using mobile systems for interference hunting
• Efficient methods for interference hunting

Presenter: Mark Heimbach, Sr Product Manager, Anritsu
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