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Intelligent Integration using UltraCMOS® Technology

You know what is needed.
Our world is growing, and so is the demand for better signal exchange.
For business, for safety, for entertainment, for communication.
We need smaller devices. We need more data.
Which is why we need the ability to accurately tune and focus each signal, so the power in our devices can be used to support the signal getting to where it needs to go, and not add to the noise.
As the frequency spectrum becomes increasingly crowded with use, the search is on to provide greater system capability and operational flexibility. The only answer? Intelligent Integration. A treasure chest of benefits made possible by UltraCMOS® technology, providing the combination of reliability, smaller footprint, improved performance, greater system capability, and flexibility. Allowing the development of high-quality, reconfigurable systems that can fully utilize each sliver of the frequency spectrum.
Earlier this year, Peregrine announced the Global1 solution for cellular communications. The first fully-integrated reconfigurable RF front-end system, providing one SKU that covers the entire cellular frequency range.
But what about applications that use the lower end of the frequency spectrum? UltraCMOS technology has already enabled excellent switch performance down to 9 KHz. And nowâ?¦Peregrine has invented a True DC switch that operates at zero Hertz, giving the ability to truly cover the signal over the entire frequency range. UltraCMOS technology gives the ability to integrate Analog, digital, and rf functions, enabling features such as Analog DC tracking, digital logic control, and high performance rf switching, in the only single-chip switch solution that can be used in the worldâ??s most accurate signal testing.
On the high frequency side, Peregrine has also developed a new X-band Core Chip that will revolutionize Synthetic Aperture Radar. It is a combination of Peregrineâ??s market-leading switch and 7-bit Digital Step Attenuator components with a CMOS digital interface control, new phase shifter design blocks, all made possible by advanced CMOS design techniques and integrated using UltraCMOS technology. A single chip that uses MMIC design techniques controlled through a standard digital interface, the Core chip delivers the fine resolution and degree of control critical for radar applications.
A fundamental capability of UltraCMOS technology is that it can be effectively leveraged over multiple frequency bands, from current products in the Ka band[pause] and now all the way down to zero hertz. Founded with the vision of integration, Peregrine solves the RF marketâ??s toughest challenges. Intelligent Integration. UltraCMOS Technology.
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