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Keysight Technologies N6841A RF Sensor N6854A RF Geolocation Server Demo

The Keysight N6841A RF Sensor provides an extremely cost effective way to improve spectral awareness. The RF Sensor is enclosed in a weatherproof case allowing wide area, close-proximity signal monitoring, detection and location in any environment. Its open programming interface allows users to dynamically link to a wide range of software applications. An Ethernet TCP/IP network connection allows for remote deployment of a network of multiple sensors within a single room, throughout a city, or across the world.

N6854A Geolocation softwarelicense, in conjunction with Signal Surveyor 4D and a network of N6841A RF Sensors, helps to quickly detect, identify, locate and remove âÂ?Â?rogueâÂ? emitters.

In an environment where the need for Spectrum is very high, signals are more complex with wider bandwidths and RF traffic is increasing dramatically, ensuring the spectrum is clear of unwanted emitters means providing better quality of service for network operators.
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