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MPAC–Doherty Product Family Expands

Integrated solutions help create superior RF architectures.

UltraCMOS technology, the superior RF technology platform, delivers Intelligent Integration.
It is the combination of reliability, flexibility and smaller footprint with Peregrineâ??s industry-leading performance specs, resulting in one monolithic die that gives the architecture improved performance and greater system capability.

Phase and amplitude control is essential for the future of communications, where everything from LTE and 5-G to Radar will rely on the efficient exchange of data.
As the available spectrums become more crowded, focusing the transmission of data accurately between a transmitter and receiver reduces the overall system power needed and improves the quality of the data received.
Peregrineâ??s monolithic phase and amplitude control devices, or MPAC devices, support the future of communications. As well as being ideal for Doherty power amplifier architectures, other products in the MPAC family will include support for beamforming, full wireless duplex, and 5-G.

The MPAC Doherty family covers a 1.8 to 3.8 GHz frequency range with three separate, pin-compatible parts. Each part has the same high-performance specs, allowing the designer to easily modify an existing design by simply dropping in the part with the required frequency into the new design.

Currently, low frequency Doherty architectures rely on LDMOS PA technology because the combination of efficiency and cost is ideal under 2.0 GHz.
At higher frequencies, however, this efficiency breaks down and GaN PAs are preferred because they maintain performance and have high power density.
The MPAC Doherty products, PE46130 and PE46140, are ideal to support GaN PAs in Doherty power amplifier architectures. They meet the performance requirements at higher frequencies that are not supported by other technologies.
This ability is just one of the many benefits of UltraCMOS technology.

MPAC Doherty products lower overall costs by improving PA yields, reducing external component needs, and lowering engineering costs and investment.
They also improve overall power added efficiency, linearity across the frequency range, Doherty bandwidth by providing better matching, improve effectiveness of the Digital Pre-Distortion loop, and produce uniformity and repeatability between the transceivers.

The MPAC Doherty design integrates a 90 degree splitter, a 4-bit digital step attenuator with a 7.5 dB range and 0.5 dB resolution, and a 5-bit digital phase shifter with a 87.2 degree range and 2.8 degree resolution, ideal for optimizing GaN Doherty power amplifiers.
MPAC - Doherty devices feature High Port to Port isolation of 30 dB and high linearity, with Input IP3 of 60 dBm, all in a 32-lead 6x6mm QFN package.

The UltraCMOS MPAC Doherty family is the industryâ??s first set of monolithic phase and amplitude control products for Doherty that offers top performance at the full range of frequencies needed.
We solve the RF marketâ??s biggest challenges.
Intelligent Integration. UltraCMOS MPAC.
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